How to Connect a Nintendo Switch to a Macbook

Da Lan 24/06/2024
Hướng Dẫn Kết Nối Nintendo Switch Với Mac

Connecting mobile devices to computers is no longer something new. However, connecting Nintendo Switch to MacBook or iMac to enhance the gaming experience is still interesting to explore. This article will guide you how to connect Nintendo Switch to Mac , turning your macbook into a unique entertainment center.

The Nintendo Switch has become a landmark that connects gamers around the world through its multiplayer and online platforms. From indie games to AAA titles, the Switch offers a diverse library of games to cater to all ages and tastes. Its versatility, with the ability to play handheld or connect to a TV, makes it an ideal choice for many gamers.

Next we will go into detail on How to connect Nintendo Switch to Mac and what to prepare for this connection process.

What Are The Benefits Of Connecting Nintendo Switch To Mac?

Before we begin, we need to review the benefits of connecting Nintendo Switch to Mac  for gamers.

Experience the Big Screen and Super Beautiful Image Quality

When connecting Nintendo Switch to Mac, you will experience games on a larger screen with high resolution. This not only increases image quality, but also helps improve the ability to recognize and interact in the game, especially with games that require high precision such as free fire, PUBG… Thanks to the large screen, you can observe your opponents more clearly, it can be said that this is a form of game hacking.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac
How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac

Recording and Live Streaming Capabilities

Mac offers powerful recording and streaming tools that allow gamers to not only capture memorable gaming moments but also share them with friends or online followers. For example, OBS Studio software on Mac makes it easy to set up and customize your livestream, bringing a professional look to your stream. Connecting your Nintendo Switch to macOS makes streaming even easier.

Use Dedicated Controllers For Smooth Gaming Experience

Connecting Nintendo Switch controllers to Mac via Bluetooth is not just for playing games on Switch, but can also be extended to using these controllers for macOS games, enhancing the user experience and versatility of the controller.

Take Advantage of macOS Software and Applications

When you connect your Switch to your Mac, you can also take advantage of the apps and software available on macOS to edit video, enhance audio, and perform content development-related tasks, like creating tutorials or game reviews.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac
How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac – Preparing to Connect

Before making the connection, make sure you have or have prepared the necessary equipment and software for the process to go smoothly.

Choosing the right HDMI cable: Here we recommend you to use a standard HDMI cable, supporting at least HDMI 2.0 to be able to transmit images at high resolution and high refresh rate, ensuring high quality images and no stuttering or lag when playing games.

Connecting and Configuring the Controller

Connect Joy-Con and Pro Controller to Mac Bluetooth Connection

  1. Make sure Bluetooth on your Mac is turned on.
  2. Grab your Joy-Con or Pro Controller and find the sync button – usually located on the back of the controller.
  3. Hold the sync button until the LED starts flashing, the controller is in pairing mode.
  4. On Mac, open System Preferences > Bluetoothand find the correct controller, then click ‘Connect’.

How to Use Both Controllers at the Same Time

  • To use both Joy-Con as a single controller, you can use third-party software like ‘ JoyCon Driver ‘ for Mac to pair them together.

Sensitivity Settings and Shortcuts

  • In supported games or software, adjust the controller sensitivity in the game’s options or settings to suit your play style.
  • You can also configure keyboard shortcuts on the controller to perform quick and convenient actions while playing games or using other apps on your Mac.

Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Connection and Transmission Quality Issues

If you’re experiencing connection or video quality issues between your Nintendo Switch and Mac, check:

  • HDMI and USB cable connections.
  • Set the output settings on the Switch and the input settings on the capture device.
  • Make sure all relevant software and drivers are updated to the latest version.

Software error

Software errors can cause problems when playing games or streaming. To fix it, you can follow and do the following:

  • Always keep macOS, gaming software, and OBS Studio updated to the latest versions to take advantage of performance improvements and bug fixes.

Compatibility Between macOS Versions and Hardware

Some capture devices may not be fully compatible with all versions of macOS. In this case, you may need to:

  • Check compatibility before purchasing the device.
  • Consider upgrading your operating system if necessary to ensure best compatibility.


Connecting your Nintendo Switch to your Mac not only expands the way you enjoy your games, but also improves the way you share your gaming content with the world. By following the steps outlined and optimizing your system, you can create a powerful gaming entertainment center right at home.

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